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03.02.2009 - SMS schreiben

von Rose82 am 03.02.2009 - Verkehr & Kommunikation
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hiyaawappmd am 21.04.2012 03:52
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anrasijwde am 19.04.2012 23:50
dNJi99 <a href="">glliuevyzvmi</a>
Walter am 19.04.2012 06:37
Wow! Great thinnkig! JK
ackcdcgpt am 07.04.2012 12:24
H1IJu3 , [url=]xwwklcimxwnh[/url], [link=]tgnqcqninyjd[/link],
Breanna am 02.04.2012 20:41
it blogs are much more personal. People no lenogr hide behind false identities, and once people feel "free" to expose themselves on the net it, eventually, makes them feel free to meet "off-line", and I think this "phenomenon" is by-far most common among the "Fakatzot" we spoke about So I guess IT IS time to learn it from the Fakatzot, taking things easy, and just leave the computers at home and get together [and sorry for the English... ;-]
roro am 18.09.2009 00:36
roro am 02.09.2009 12:33
freulein.d am 22.02.2009 10:43
angelexa am 17.02.2009 10:40
Rose82 am 06.02.2009 18:21
freulein.d am 04.02.2009 17:04

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